2 Questions You May Have About Using Professional Household Movers

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Moving your family into a new home can seem like a task that will always be extremely stressful to go through. However, professional movers can help reduce much of the stress of moving to a new home. For those that have never had the pleasure of working with these service providers, some fairly routine questions may need to be answered before you are comfortable deciding whether to use these service providers. 

What If You Need Your Car Moved Separately?

If you are moving across the country, you may not want to drive your car this distance. However, you may not realize that household moving services, like RB Logistics, can almost always accommodate customers that are needing to have their cars moved as well. 

When you use these services, the way that your car moved will largely depend on the type of vehicle you own. Moving large trucks or sport utility vehicles will likely require a special truck that can accommodate these larger vehicles. In contrast, smaller cars can usually ride on a small trailer that is attached to the moving truck. While there will be additional costs for moving your vehicle, this can save you and your family from having to spend a seemingly endless number of hours in the car and it can save you on gas. 

Are There Special Steps For Preparing Your Refrigerator For The Movers?

Some appliances will have to be specially prepared before they can safely be moved. In particular, this may be true of your refrigerator and freezer. In addition to removing all of the food from these appliances, you will also want to thoroughly scrub the inside. The moving truck may get very hot, and if you do not sanitize the interior of the refrigerator, it may develop foul odors by the time it arrives at your new home due to bacteria. 

Your freezer will have to be thoroughly de-iced before it can be loaded into the moving truck. Therefore, you will need to turn it off at least a couple of days before the move. To absorb the water that forms from any melting frost or ice, you should place a towel on the inside of it during this process. 

Professional movers can help make your family's move to a new home as trouble free as possible. Considering that these professionals can move your car for you and the steps you should take to repair your refrigerator for the movers, you can help ensure that this experience goes as smoothly as possible for your family.