Three Etiquette Rules To Learn Before Your Next Limo Ride

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Getting invited to take limo transportation for a wedding, bachelor party or just a special night out with friends is an exciting opportunity, especially if you're unacquainted with this method of transportation. While fun is often the focus of limo travel, it isn't a time to act in the irresponsible manner that's often depicted on television. Instead of contemplating the wild party you wish to throw, it's better to gain an understanding of the basics of limo etiquette. Behaving in the proper manner won't just help the person who rented the limo avoid extra charges, but will also increase your chance of being invited for a ride in the future. Here are three rules to keep in mind.

Be Punctual

A laid-back event such as going to dinner with friends might not have time restraints as far as the event itself, but limo drivers are on strict schedules. If someone in your group rented the ride for two hours, beginning at a certain time, you're on the clock as soon as the time begins -- whether you're in the limo or not. If you're late, you can't expect that the limo driver can stay with your group for longer, as he or she might have to pick up another group right away. Being on time is respectful to the driver and to those in your group.

Stay Seated Upon Arrival

When you reach your destination, don't be hasty to get out of the limo. It's proper etiquette to remain seated until the driver has climbed out of the vehicle and made his or her way toward the back to open your door. Part of a limo chauffeur's job description is to handle the door duties and trying to do the job yourself can be seen as infringing on the driver's responsibilities. When the driver opens the door, keep in mind that the proper way to exit the vehicle is for the person closest to the door to climb out first. Don't be in a rush to climb past other passengers.

Be Ready To Tip

Although the person who rented the limo is theoretically responsible for the tip, it's polite for the other passengers to pool their cash to tip the driver. Be prepared by carrying a variety of small-denomination bills with you. Tipping 10 to 15 percent is customary and if you're really dedicated to etiquette, you could call the limo company in advance and ask the price of a standard rental. This background information will help you ensure that you're carrying the right amount of cash.