Tips For High School Band Directors Chartering Buses For Student Travel

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While traveling to Friday night football games is easy for high school bands in school buses, traveling long distances for events like regional championship competitions can be more challenging. Planning a trip for a group of high school students is stressful enough without worrying about travel issues. Follow these tips for making your trip to band competitions less stressful.

Never Wait Until The Last Minute           

When you know for sure your group of band students are invited to a competition, contacting a charter bus company right then is important to get one that will fit your particular needs. For example, the bus you would need for band students would require a great deal more storage space than one you would rent for taking a group of students to the zoo. Band students will need to bring along their instruments. An entire band's instruments can take up quite a bit of space, so discussing your charter bus options with a provider can be helpful. By planning ahead, you will have time to locate a company that has a bus with enough storage space for your students' instruments and their luggage.

Being Prepared If The Bus Breaks Down                                              

When chartering a bus, always ask about their policies about bus breakdowns. In the event the bus you charter experiences engine issues and is stuck on the side of road until repairs are made or another bus arrives, you will need to have snacks and drinks on hand for your students. Packing a couple of boxes of snacks like granola bars and bottled water is a good idea. Asking your students to also bring along similar snacks is wise. Be sure to inquire about any refunds your school gets for time spent in a broken-down bus as well.

Check For The Amenities You And Your Students Will Need

The amenities available on the bus you rent can make your trip a lot less stressful. For example, if one of your students is handicapped, choosing a bus with an electric wheelchair elevator can be great and time-saving when stops are made. Choosing a bus with DVD players and television monitors can be the best amenity for a bus load of energized teens on a long trip. During your trip planning, ask your students which movies they would prefer to watch during the ride.

The trips you make with your band students will be ones you will always remember. Make sure yours and your students' memories of every bus trip are great by taking the time to plan ahead.