How Owning A Dump Truck Can Benefit Your Property Management Company

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If your property management company doesn't already own a dump truck, it's a good time to consider investing in one now. Here are just a few ways that owning a dump truck can benefit your property management company over time:

Make Property Prepping Easier

One good reason to invest in a dump truck for your property management company is to make preparing homes and yards between tenants easier. Instead of having to hire a garbage company or dump truck operator to come to a property you're responsible for cleaning up in preparation for a tenant, you can use your own dump truck to gather garbage and debris from the property and transport it to the local landfill.

You won't have to wait for an appointment to become available or worry about your timelines being met as you clean and prep your properties. You'll always have complete control over how and when your properties are cleaned up in the coming years.

Provide Some Moving Support

Another good reason for your property management company to invest in a new or used dump truck for business is to have the ability to offer tenants that rent from the property owners you serve some moving support. When a tenant who is moving onto a property that one of your clients owns, they may have a need for clean up help before they're able to actually make the move.

You can help expedite the move so your client's property doesn't sit empty longer than it has to, and make some extra money by charging the tenants a fee for hauling all the garbage and debris away from the property that they're moving out of. And when tenants who are living on properties that your clients own get ready to move, you can charge them to help clean the place up in an effort to ensure that they get their security deposit back.

Enhance Your Landscaping Services

Whether your property management company offers clients in-house landscaping services or you hire independent service providers to handle the landscaping for you, it never hurts to have a dump truck available for support throughout the year. You can expect to save money over having to rent a dump truck every time you want to move mulch, soil, and other materials around a property as time goes on. And you'll be able to make things like planting large trees less time consuming and labor intensive, which will save you money when paying landscapers to do all the landscaping legwork that you have planned.