2 Important Things To Consider When Planning A Family Reunion In Your Home

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Family reunions provide relatives with an opportunity to create strong bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. And reunions help ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get to know their extended family members who don't live close by. Having a family reunion in your home town probably means that you'll be doing most of the planning and preparing for the event. Here are a couple of important things to consider when planning your upcoming family reunion:


More than likely, you don't have enough room in your home for everyone in your family to sleep while they're in town for your family reunion. So you'll have to find accommodations for at least some family members elsewhere. To start, you should determine whether there are spaces in your home that could be transformed into guest rooms for some of your family members. The garage, attic, and home office might be good spaces.

Once you figure out how many people you can accommodate in your home, you can determine how many others you need to find alternative accommodations for. To make the experience a personal one for everyone involved, stay away from the hotels if possible. Look for bed and breakfast facilities and vacation rentals instead. You may even be able rent out a couple of vacation homes next to each other to accommodate everyone in the family so they don't have to be spread out all over town.


Wherever your family reunion will take place, all of your guests will need to get there somehow. Everyone can rent a car for their visit, but that can be costly, and it isn't very environmentally friendly. So to make getting to the family reunion convenient and comfortable for everyone involved, consider chartering vans or a bus for the event.

The charter can pick everyone up from where they are staying and then drop them off at the same time at the event location. When your family reunion day comes to an end, the charter will take everyone back to their guest quarters. Nobody will have to worry about directions, timelines, or rental contracts and instead can focus their time and energy on their loved ones throughout the day.

You can even schedule a charter for another day or two while your family members are in town so they have an opportunity to see the sights and attractions throughout your city together. Your charter is the perfect transportation option for getting people to and from the airport too. You can contact a transportation service like Sundance Stage Lines to get your family around.