Finding Work With A Load Board Dedicated To Straight Trucks And Hotshot Loads

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There are many different trucks on the road, and running a straight truck (a commercial truck where the cargo container is attached to the truck instead of being on a trailer), can make finding loads more challenging. There are some excellent places to look for work, and a straight truck load board dedicated to these kinds of loads is a perfect place to start. 

Where to Find Load Boards

When you drive a truck for a living, you often live by the load boards that offer work for owners/operators. The boards list loads leaving an area and have the destination, time frame, and the price for the load listed for you to check out. Load boards used to be found in truck stops along major highways, and while some still have load boards on the wall, the majority of these services have gone digital.

Load boards are available on cell phones, tablets, and laptops, so you no longer need to go to a truck stop to find work. A straight truck load board has information for straight truck drivers and may include the time you need to be at the dock to get loaded and the timeframe expected for the loading process. 

Because you can check the boards online, you can look at the straight truck load board as you are unloading to see if there someplace nearby to pick up another load and if you have time before the loading time window starts without even getting out of the truck.

For straight truck teams with more driving time than a single driver is allowed, using the load boards to line up work while still on the road can keep the truck rolling with very little lost time or money.

Load Board Subscriptions

Many of the straight truck load board services allow you to subscribe to their service and set alerts on the system. If you are looking for a specific job or destination, you can set the app to tell you when a job matching your search is found so that you can look to see if it will work for you. 

Working with multiple straight truck load board providers is an excellent way to ensure that you have plenty of options for jobs in the area you want to work in. Some of these services are free for the drivers, and others have a small subscription fee that offers extended features or priority service on the system. 

For drivers trying to get regular jobs, using straight truck load board services can make it easier to find suitable loads that are going to the right place at a price you are willing to accept.