Horse Trailer Transport Tips

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Investing in an enclosed horse trailer will provide you with a functional way to transport your horses to riding competitions and livestock shows. Use the following safety tips when preparing to haul your new trailer. 

Obey Weight Restrictions

The new horse trailer will come equipped with a weight rating. This rating indicates how much weight can safely be loaded into the trailer. The vehicle that will be pulling the horse trailer will also feature a weight rating. Always obey each of the weight restrictions that a manufacturer has outlined. Be aware of the weight of each of your horses and the weight of any equipment that you will be towing.

Invest in a floor scale that will help you keep track of how heavy items are. If the amount of weight that you need to haul exceeds the weight rating for your trailer or tow vehicle, make more than one trip to transport the items. 

Secure The Trailer And The Horses

Never load your horses into an unhitched trailer. If the new trailer is unhitched, it may not remain stable when you are loading your horses. This could result in the trailer becoming damaged and your horses becoming injured. Prepare a safety checklist that involves inspecting the trailer and making sure that it is hooked up properly.

During an inspection process, check the tow gear, the lights that are on the trailer, the lights that are on your tow vehicle, and the tires. If all of the items on your checklist have passed your inspection, load your horses.

Provide Comfort

If you will be using the trailer to transport your horses a long distance, stock the new trailer with plenty of food and water. Invest in some portable horse feed bowls and horse waterers. Replenish food and water when you are preparing to transport your horses. Supply each horse with gear that can be used to access food and water. Store extra food and water in one part of the trailer.

If your new horse trailer came equipped with windows, open the windows and air out the trailer before embarking on a road trip. On days when the weather is warm, leave the trailer windows open while you are actively transporting your horses. Be mindful of how fast you drive. If you will be hauling a lot of animals to an event, maintain a slower speed than what you are accustomed to.